Can any Digitech Guru help me with this problem..I have moved to Australia and taken my Guitar and:
ITEM 1 • DigiTech foot pedal 4.8 Watts PS200R -(120V ~ 60Hz)
ITEM 2 • Digitech GSP 1101 preamp –22 Watts -(120V ~ 60Hz)
ITEM 3 • Digitech foot pedal 4.5 Watts PS200R -(120V ~ 60Hz)
Now all I need is some body who can advise on 110v to 240v adaptors to use without damaging my equipment I have been told its easy to buy these adaptors ...but I want to be sure and ask this forum first so please feel free to comment cause I sure need some help! you can be as technical as you wish.

Thanks to all who reply.

Welcome to Australia. Its awesome here

Also if theres a place called Tandeys or dick smith electronics you should find the adapters you need. Just ask the store clerk.
Australia is not so awesome for the pricing of amps and guitars...grr.

Dicksmith electronics would be worth a try (Tandy specializes more in appliances). I think a better shop would be radioshack...I think that's what it's called ( though I think Tandy/DickSmith/Radioshack are all owned by the same company). I get any electronic stuff from there, they also have cool little DIY kits like your own mini-guitar amp or distortion pedal, but that's mainly for beginners.