1966 Limited Edition G400

Prophecy SG Custom GX

The 1966 version is 379 euros at my local shop and the Prophecy is 399 at Musicstore.de. Both have Grover tuners, the Prophecy has splittable Gibson Dirty Fingers and the 1966 has the stock Epi Alnicos. The Prophecy has an ebony fretboard and the 1966 a rosewood one. I'll mainly use it for pop punk, hardcore and maybe some metal.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
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I'd get the second one if that is ebony fretboard I see? And if it isn't ebony I'd still take it because it looks better and i think it has S&D, not Duncan Designed like the other guitars of that price range
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Prophecy but put the pickguard from the 66 one on there
that'd look sweeeeeeet
Rockin' shit
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Prophecy..... wow.... thats a new type for Epi too.... great features, and coil tapping pick ups? For less than six hundred here in the states....

I now officially have GAS... I'm off to the music store to play this inexpensive beast of value!
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Only thing I don't like about the Prophecy is the lack of a pickguard.
IMO, important feature on the SG. If I'd get a Prophecy, it would be a Les Paul.
Neither, check out the Tony Iommi signature SG.
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If your gonna be playing metal...you can do some cool
effects with two volumes and tones..

This is my custom..active EMG's...babe wails...
Imo you dont need split coils...

My SG does anything from Bullet for my Valentine to Pink Floyd with ease...
It may just be me..but i cant stand having only on set of
volume and tone controls...I like to set some effects for my neck and
some for my bridge..Some effects can make a guitar sound like a totally
different instrument when u switch...sometimes when u only have one
set of knobs switching pups can rip your ears off...but..that can be easily fixed
if youre good at rolling the knobs.
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With all do respect to the awesome guitar the Iommi SG is, I don't want a matte black finish nor do I want cross inlays.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
id say the prophecy for the pickups/price.
the prophecy series is supposed to be more geared towards metal, and this is the one with passive pickups opposed to the other one where you can EMGs (prophecy EX)

i think it would be really hard to go wrong with either. one is just more metal geared, the other is more classic.
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Get both if you can.

I know I would.
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