Hey just woundering.. is it better to play guitar through headphones? or just through the amp? becuase through headphones sounds awesome but i was woundering if that isnt the best way to practise
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i dont think it really matters but i find headfones less comfortable
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At home i used to have my 4x12 cabinet.....and when i was living with my parents for this reason, i had to use headphones a lot.

There is nothing wrong with headphones per se, providing they are high quality and not those crappy "inner ear" ones.

There are however benefits to playing through an amp...loud....

The guitar behaves very differently depending on which you intend to choose. Lots of "bedroom" guitarists often have a hard time moving away from the bedroom and onto the stage, because they dont understand/ havent had enough experience with feedback and how to control it.
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depends. If you have cheap headphones you would probably get a better tone straight through the amp. If people are complaining about the noise however headphones are a good idea. Als as mentioned headphones could lead to health issues.
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I have a set of high-quality wireless headphones on my desk that my amp sounds really good through. However, i never use them cos most of the time, I'm the only one in my house and my amp faces away from the neighbours.
Headphones aren't a bad way to practise - they concentrate the sound around your ears instead of blasting it around the room, so you can hear more details. Get a set with a volume control and you can spin your amp up to preferred volume, then have the sound at a comfortable level.
Health risks - yes, a couple. Headphones can cause hearing problems if you turn them up too loud. They may also be bad for your amp if you buy cr@ppy ones and go instrument-destruction on the thing. Probably the greatest risk is getting too far into the sound and tripping over your cable - headphones don't tend to have long cables, hence why I have wireless ones. Common sense says headphones should be a great way to practise - hear more, and annoy those around you much less.

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