I've been meaning to get this up here for the last several days due to recent discussions and need to now before I make the swap. I had recently purchased (impulsively) a new Seymore Duncan SH4 JB humbucker for my strat. Much better than stock, but decided to take it up a notch and get one with more output and bottom end AND the Trembucker version. Duncan is very good about exchanges with in a certain period of time.

So, I now have a SD SH-11 Custom Custom TB (trembuck) that I need to install so I thought I would put this pic on here so you can see the difference visually.

The JB is installed now and you'll notice how the pole pieces don't quite line up, especially at 6th string. The SH11 CC TB is the one in my hand, and although it looks MUCH bigger you have to realize it is outside of the guitar and closer to camera. Sorry, it's from my cell phone so not the greatest quality but you can see the difference. This is why Eddie Van Halen had to have his original HB mod on his frankenstrat angled - to cover all the strings.

Hope that helps anyone who is looking into this situation
EDIT: picture removed
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