hey im new to guitar and have recently bought an ibanez rg321, I am in no rush to upgrade or change guitar as i am just starting out, but i would like to know what kind of things i could do to make my guitar better just because i like to know about hardware and stuff, I am aware that changing the pickups is an option but what exactly are good pickups? are they specific to the sound you want, and the style of music you play? cheers guys just bored and want to learn some stuff
pickups are very specific to the sound you wish to achieve. There are pickups that are suited for every style and even techniques. Before you upgrade an axe you need to know what you want the axe to do better and what style you want it to play.
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ok so i see in a lot of threads that for heavy metal type music emg's are good, right? Say i wanted something for rock and metal but also something quite versatile is that possible or is it a lot more specific than that? Can someone explain to me all the different types as well, like humbucklers, single coil?? what are they exactly? Sorry for pestering everyone but i want to learn
lol im not wanting to upgrade just wanting to learn about it, I was looking at the dimarzio evolution pickups on a youtube video and they sounded really nice.
half the people on here are emg lovers for some reason not sure why.. but its a little more involved than just picking the coolest brand, idealy you want to match the frequency response of a pickup to the resonance of your guitar and capability of amp ect to achieve the kind of sound you want..
the best easist idea to get a good idea is to look in to what gear your favorite bands use and what sounds they are getting with various combinations.. loads of googling and hours of you tube i think
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