i thought the bass was panned too far left. i prefer bass in the middle. drums were really good. there seemed to be some timing issues with the guitar. the bass was really groovy. i didn't care for the distorted guitar in the background...it was a bit too vague.

syncopation is really cool. soloing was nice. you did a really good job not overdoing it on the wah...very tastefull. what do you use for your amp? very nice.

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=853303
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nice clean opening riff, with a cool little soft rock feel

the second theme with the pausing section just before the nice lead area was great

solo has nice usage of wah,

The second lead section was a bit more cooler for me, it was real outstanding from the mix and sound great

The breakdown section was good

the third solo had a nice warm distortion with a nice build up

GOD!! it cut out around the 5 min mark not sure if its my comp tonight but just letting u no

C4C Pac meta'
Thank you for the input!

chrisatgrace : I'm playing a 100watt Marshall amp for the lead guitar.
Nice opening chords. Nice subtle mixing of the distorted after when the drums come in. I think the cymbals may have been too loud. Also, the distorted guitar could have been brought up during the 'big crash cymbals 'crashes''. Liking the solo's. Very rocking.
I liked how you went back to the quiet chords during the middle.
The production of it could have been tighter.
However, overall a good song, just needs imrovements in production.

Here's some of my stuff if you wanna listen;
Thanks guitar monkey. Production is not yet something I'm totally comfortable with. I need some more practice but it sure is fun. Thanks for the comments.
I liked this, had quite a groovy feel to it.

I think you should bring the distorted guitar more to the front of the mix during the more built up sections, i love the solo and the little bass licks thrown in there.

Very good.

Really groovy tune I really like the solo and the bit of harmonizing at 2:00. I could swear the solo at 2:30 sounded a bit like a harmonica, maybe it's just me but it was cool anyway.

Overall, great song.
Thanks ixelion. It does sound a bit like a harmonica but it's actually a 1980's Casio keyboard played through an Ibanez tubescreamer pedal and into a 100watt Fender amp.
thanks for the crit.

Overall, very cool. There were a couple of breaks that really grabbed my attention. Some of the solos were pretty good, some were great.

I like the big jangly sounding rhythm guitars... very cool tone and it suits the song really well.

Around 2 minutes it gets really good for a while... very cool section through there.

Nice work!
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Excellent use of pausing and stops. The guitar solos are nice and clean and the second one especially grabbed me. Is sounds like your just rocking out and enjoying yourself, it comes across really fun and kinda uplifting.

Please crit mine.

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Yeah, I was definetly enjoying myself when I recorded it. Thanks for the input!!

Jammer, is that your song in your profile? Mantus?
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Hehe. I'm Nemesis260. I like it. It's very soulfull. Like a cross between Tom Petty and Led Zeppelin.
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holy mellow, are u a theory major or is this spontaneity? well done, the rhythm was grinding on me for a minute but it chilled, awsome improve, spotless man...
BTW Spaceships is GOD! Harmonica too?!
Nemesis 260 thats crazy! The 240 in the song name came about because the first time I actually jammed this tune with a friend of mine we ended it at 2:40am and that just stuck.

Led Hed, thanks a million for your compliments. No I do not have a major in theory. I had a guitar lesson once but all he did was tune it and give me the sheet music for a nursery rhyme and I never returned.