My parents said they'd get give me $250 for an amp, which was to be the Epi VJ. However, after realizing I like reverb (don't really want a pedal), and that 5w is not enough to adequately play over drums, I think there needs to be a change. Not sure how much I'm gonna spend, maybe $500 tops, but I think a 15w tube is good. Looking at BH Handsome Devil, Fender Blues Jr. Please add suggestions.

I play classic rock, some modern rock, anything with cleans/soft listening, and some classic metal. I have an MIA Strat. Ideas appreciated.

EDIT: Suggestions where the reverb can be controlled by a footswitch would be cool, too.
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i'm really looking into these Blackhearts now as a practice amp, but I'm not sure if they can cut through a band mix. I watched a demo of the 5-watt on OnDemand one time and it seems like they have pretty decent midrange.

You really just need to go into a music store and try all these things out first. I'm curious to see if the 15-watt is even so much louder than the 5.