does anyone have any experience or comments about this guitar? I tried one out at a GC the other day and it sounded pretty nice to me. but I am not so experienced with the different sounds and styles of acoustics so I was just wondering what all of you wise sages of sound might think. any opinions would be helpful. or any suggestions of reasonably-close-in-price comparisons. thanks yo...

[Edit] I also tune to D standard if that has any influence.
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I have that guitar exactly (in orange) and it's a ****ing awesome guitar. Everywhere I play people tell me how sweet my guitar is or how great it sounds. To me personally it sounds better than a lot of much more expensive guitars. I would definately say purchase it
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cool well I thought it sounded pretty tight when I was messin around with it at the store... way better than the Fender that I owned for over a year and a half before this. (pretty sure the Fender was a cheapy tho)
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Consider that one. Save yourself $100 and get a much better guitar. You can then use that money to buy a pickup later if you so desire.

+1 on the Masterbilt; they're great guitars. Either that or a Seagull. I have yet to encounter an Ibanez acoustic that I like.
I am sure the seagull is a great buy and I have heard pretty good things about them. but I hate the headstock... weak lookin... we all know looks are important. I like the epiphone choice tho. its really clean looking and its a full dreadnought, i also have a epiphone LP Custom which is kickass. brand loyalty. anyways keep em coming y'all.
Songs I am trying to learn right now...
"Artist in the Ambulance" Thrice
This is the exact guitar I just referred to in another post. Besides the issues I'm having with it, I love it. But, that said , if I had twice to spend, I'd get something else (like an ovation). For this price range, I say go. It's lovely and sounds so.
that ibanez does look really cool... but i'm skeptical about how great it can possible sound with that body made of all laminated quilted maple. looks are important to a certain extent.... but sound is way more important. i think the epiphone masterbilt linked above would be a wiser decision.
top anybody else got any suggestions?
Songs I am trying to learn right now...
"Artist in the Ambulance" Thrice