Im looking to buy an acoustic guitar (not a classical). Im thinking of paying around £200 (around $400). Can anyone recomend anything? It needs to be a single cut (or double cut!) so I can reach the top fretts and it can be electro or not. Any advice would be great!
I have a Yamaha APX 500 which cost me around $400 here in Mexico, but you can find it for around $300.

It has a really nice sound unplugged, but sounds way better plugged in, an the action is almost as low as an electric guitar.

Strongly recommended.
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nice - i like the look of it. And the comment about the action got my attention. I like a bit of choice so has any other people got ideas that can top it?
I recently bought a Yamaha CPX700, it's an electro-acoustic w/ cutaway. Very nice to play and sounds great plugged in.
I bought it for £280 but you might find it cheaper or you could go with the lower end CPX range.
Takamine make a few with a cutaway and without electronics but most of the time you have to get both.
Even so, still check out Takamine and Alvarez.
woah i like the look of the Alvarez! Are they decent guitars? and what price range are they usually?
An Alvarez AD60SC goes for around $400USD which seems to fit your price range pretty well.
I own one and did a review on it for the forum last month, you may want to check it out:

I think it's a really good value guitar and the only problem I have had with it is the High E string caught in the nut a few times (maybe 4 times) in the first couple of weeks of me owning it. Nothing major, just threw the high e string out of tune and i haven't had an issue with that for a long time. It sounds good. Survived being thrown in the backseat of a car with 2 other guitars and a bunch of backpacks in nothing but a softcase (yeah I know.. not the best way to protect my baby but i had no choice at the time. Its got a hardcase now). It didn't even go out of tune.
Basically it seems to be holding up well, I like it. It was a good price so I'm happy.
Nice, Im really considering getting one. I love some of the colours and the look. Also, how are the electronics and are they popular? (meaning can I find a dealer easy?) And where are the strap locks?

Also, Im looking at a fender malibu acoustic. Is this a good guitar? Fender comes with some trust. (Nothing Ive played beats a strat for me) So is this a decent guitar?
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Nope on the Fender. Yes, good electrics (still my fav brand when it comes to electrics), no good with acoustics. They are just making money off their reputation with electric guitars, just as brands like Ibanez do too.

And yeah the Alvarez's seem to be pretty easy to find and they are very popular on this forum. Strap locks are located on the heel on the neck (you can see it in some of the pictures in the thread) and in the usual place at the bottom. The straplock on the bottom is also where you plug in, its pretty neat.
The electronics seem pretty good to me. Give you plenty of options to dial in your tone just I have yet to be able to plug it into a good acoustic amp. It sounds pretty good considering I've been plugging it into an electric amp. I think the electronics used on the Takamines are generally considered to be a bit better but IMO these are still very good.