I was wondering how is the internet on these things. Does it display the full page of the internet and not like cell phones but just smaller to fit the screen? thanks
It's good, I just have a hard time staying connected to the net. But I still love my Touch
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Everything about the iPhone is great! I've had mine now for a few months and couldn't ask for anything more and would never go back to a regular phone. If you don't have one get one.
By the way, if you have wifi in your house the internet and youtube functions are very fast
It s great full pages and stuff

only problem being it doesnt have flash other than a youtube server

so 4.5 / 5 just because it don't have full flash
i love it. by far the best and easiest internet on a portable device. i use it constantly at college. and its not one of those half-browsers like on blackberrys and such, its full safari, minus flash.
yeah my sister has an iphone (lucky!), i've seen her use the internet and have used it a few times and i have to say it is easily the best device of its kind. the picture's great, it's fast, and you can do anything on the internet as long as it doesn't involve flash (but that'll probably be a future software upgrade) so you can log into forums etc. the youtube works very well too in case you were wondering. if you have any more questions feel free to ask, i know a fair bit about them, have used them first hand and have one in fairly easy access if you have questions.

hope it helped.

oh a btw they are going to be coming out with an upgraded model in a few months so i'd probably wait if i was you because it might have more space, better battery, flash and maybe a lower price.
thanks man! yeah i heard about the new model coming out and have decided to wait a little bit, i heard the new one is coming out in June.
I'm actually on UG right now on my touch, typing this very message! I agree with everyone above, the only letdown is the lack of flash. Here's hoping for the next gen!
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thanks man! yeah i heard about the new model coming out and have decided to wait a little bit, i heard the new one is coming out in June.

That's what rumour says. there is strong rumour that it will have 3G support, which equals moderately speedy net access when not connected to Wifi.


the internet. Like the actual thing but on a smaller screen. But you can zoom in and out of everything at will, multiple tabs. No flash though besides youtube. I like a lot.
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the only letdown is the lack of flash.

I'm actually thankful for the lack of Flash. I rather like not having those incredibly annoying banner ad games and such. Now, if they somehow made a nice built-in ad-blocker for Mobile Safari I'd be all over the Flash idea.

And yeah, like everyone else said, the browser displays the full and undiluted internet. WiFi connection is great, but EDGE on the iPhone is quite slow at times. I'm soo glad they're releasing a 3G phone next month. Hopefully it will also have GPS.
no flash and java but it is rocking otherwise, thumbs up all the way
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It's just wi-fi though.

Soon they'll be releasing the 3g version which will give much faster browsing, if I were you I'd wait out for that one.
It lacks some plugins but I'm pretty sure Apple will release a software update sometime soon. Otherwise, the Internet browsing on iPod touch is great.