Me and a buddy of mine always does the same thing, happens almost every day.
Example: We both say the same thing in the same tone, and just about anything else.

One other time we both spat on the ground at the very same time with both of us looking a different direction.

And when I had gotten myself a haircut, I got ready to wait for the bus to arrive, which was about 2 1/2 hours, when I decide to visit a pal at his work. At that very book store,
I meet an acquaintance of my mom which just happens to be like the only person living the same place as myself. She was headed home, and I got a lift. That was ****ing lucky.

Care to post?

Edit: No, there was not any other threads posted. The threads already posted was just the one persons story, and had no intention of asking about other peoples coincidences.
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I heard the ice cream truck right, and a few seconds later, I heard someone whistling along with it!!!
AND THEN! I heard people say "I got us some ice cream" and to top it all off, PEOPLE HAD ICE CREAM! Definitely a conspiracy.
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Coincedence, there was another coincedence thread already posted.


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