I have a Roland SP-606 that I'm hoping to use live. It'll be controlled by our drummer and we're looking to have a way to sync up a metronome that the drummer will be listening to with the sampler, without the metronome playing to the rest of the audience. Is there a way to go about this?
Sync it with Midi, that's the obvious way, or if there's a onboard metronome with the sampler?

Not sure on the audience not hearing the click, it's down to the monitor engineers really.
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There exists an onboard metronome. The part that's killing me is having a metronome sync with it without being audible to the audience. If you play the sampler, and the sampler has a metronome playing on its output, the audience will hear the metronome.
This unit has a stereo in and out, as well as a phones out.
Can you route the click though the phones port and then have the audio go out the main outs?

IF so, send the click/headphone cable down to the mixer where that will be sent to all the monitors for everyone playing on stage. The mixer can also take the main outputs and send then to the PA for everyone to hear.

I owned a Roland TD10 drum module at one point and you could send a click track to the headphone port only along with the drum audio keeping the click out of the main mix. My guess is that Roland may have done the same for this product...
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That's something i'll have to try when i have access to a mixer.. sounds like it might work though. Thanks