They are limited and might be hard to get. I have a black one of the 20th and it's awesome! Way better than todays rgs.
Its gonna be bloody hard mate. They were a limited edition run of only 1987. I think Portugal only got a single set of each colour like many places in Europe.

I was lucky and got mines from America because it was cheaper, and easier to get a hold of one. They retailed for £800 or so as far as I remember.

Best option is ebay or jemsite.com someone might have one for sale in the classified section. Best of luck though mate, they went like hot cakes.

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One of the best cheap ibanez's. Great for the price but the tremolo is the biggest let down. Its made from cheap metal and wares down pretty fast on the knife edges. If you dont abuse the tremolo constantly its a great piece of kit. If this is your first guitar with a locking tremolo it will be frustrating to get to grips with but bare with it. The pay offs are great.

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i have like 700$ to spend on a guitar... i want an rg, what is the best for that price range?
Yeah, RG1570. Or, you could consider an S series?
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