I finally got bored of Diablo 2 after I realized that the only fun in the game was herding items so I need a new RPG to play, I was thinking of The Witcher but i've heard mixed reviews. Does anyone have any other good PC RPG recommendations (No Elder Scrolls games though, I swore off them after Morrowind)
Do yourself a favour and stay AWAY from WoW

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hate to say this, but WoW is a good game, infact if you are normal you cant get addicted, because after some time you played enough for a few days/ one day. so i cant become addict XD
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If you like Star Wars, the newest Knights of the Old Republic game, idr what exactly it is, would be a cool idea. I have several friends who are obsessed with WoW, so I honestly would stay away from it really.
If you like a bit of depth, character, a cracking storyline and aren't afraid of stats, turn-basedness or basic graphics, I suggest you go old school and pick up Fallout 1 or 2, Planescape Torment and/or Arcanum from what used to be Black Isle. All amazing games if you give them time.
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Get some old nintendo emulators downloaded. OK, technically it's illegal, but these games are so old i think it's plain cheek for them to still expect folk to pay for them, also i doubt if nintendo really care about it. Legend of "Zelda - link's awakening" for the gameboy is quite good, if i remember correctly, It beats the ****e out of the original for the nes.
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Get NWN (neverwinter nights) both 1 and 2 + expansions, with that and diablo 2, maybe get diablo 1, and you can consider yourself an happy man ( i know i do )
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Final Fantasy, I to XII
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i highly recommend any final fantasy. also, get yourself an emulator and get super mario RPG from the SNES.
if you enjoyed DII, you will probably enjoy Mythos. It's made by the creators of diablo and is essentially Diablo III with different setting. It's about to be open beta, I've been in closed beta for months now and it is fun as hell. I think they still send out closed beta invites if you sign up on their page, if not it should be open in a month or so. After beta it will be free to play as well.

Definitely get Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It's a must for anyone who's ever played a game before, ever.

Play them in order though, you won't know what's going on in II if you don't play I first.
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+1 for Neverwinter Nights

If not go for Baldurs Gate 2 or maybe Freelancer, you could pick any up for a few bucks/quid.
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