Ok so I'm selling/trading in my MGDFX250. Finally going to get a tube amp and move past the SS realm. I've got a quote from musiciansfriend.com but they said $175 which is ridiculous considering I paid $500 for it 2 years ago. There's no marks or dents in it, and it's only been moved literally twice so it's in the condition it was right out of the box. I've asked about trading it in at guitar center, but they said I had to bring it in, and I'm lazy so I haven't gotten around to lugging the heavy bastard over there. Anyone know how much I could get for it? I don't really want to go through the hastle of ebay so please don't suggest that.
$175 is low, but in the grand scheme of things you might not get anymore than $250-300 anyways. That amp is not in demand at all, I'm sure your local guitar center probably has 2 or 3 of them, and nobody really buys MG's anymore. I'd suggest bringing it in to your guitar center and getting a quote, and let me know what they quote you for, I've got an MG100DFX I'm looking to do the same thing with.

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