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i want some really easy and chill music to listen to. mostly regae, but some rock.. for example, bob marley, sublime and kind of the chili peppers. what are some other good bands/groups/artists? remember, preferable regae.
I don't know any regae, but if you're looking for something chill you could always check out this song called "Under The Sea" by Digby Jones.
Try the acoustic Alice in Chains stuf - and get some Days Of The New (the first album)
Jack Johnson
John Mayer
Peter Tosh
Andy McKee
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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I don't know any regae, but if you're looking for something chill you could always check out this song called "Under The Sea" by Digby Jones.

this is great. i can definetly get into more of this. thanks, mate
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Try the acoustic Alice in Chains stuf - and get some Days Of The New (the first album)

more like Day of the new... Sadly I saw them (better yet him, Travis Meeks) after the entire band left and he was all like jamming by himslef acoustically, that and he's not very friendly to people (or at least when he left the hotel he wasn't nice, seemed a tad bit like a dick, but then again was also the only one in his band)

Everlong- By Foo Fighters accoustic version... attucally the entire second disk of FF In Your Honor album is really chill
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Marty Friedman - Scenes
Marty Friedman - Introduction

You would never guess this guy used to play in Megadeth. These albums sound like a film score. Highly recommended!
White stripes and the raconteurs
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That oughta do it.

Time for a supercool guitar demonstration by herman li,

Herman Li- why is this guitar so big?

Stage guy- because its a bass herman

sum coldplay,or the stones they work for me
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I personally prefer Dr.Dre but Lil Jon is gangsta home boy fresh aswell. wtf?
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sounds like you have a severe case of the's quite common in the pit really just sleep it off
Definately Easy Star All*Stars.

Get Radiodread. It's epic.

Oh, and John Butler Trio.
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Sigur Ros chill me out.
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Indie Folk stuff
very chill

Iron & Wine,
Bright Eyes,
Modest Mouse,
Elliot Smith,
Cat Power
I <3 Drugs.

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Definately Easy Star All*Stars.

Oh, and John Butler Trio.

+100,000,000. Ocean is pretty intense but most of it is laid back.

Pato Banton is a really fun, cool reggae artist. I even got to smoke weed with him and vicariously hold his hand via a prayer circle at one of his concerts! /bragging
You should also check out some lesser known brothers of reggae. Roaring Lion is a great calypso artist and there are plenty of others if you know where to look.
ill tell u my chill playlist:

one love
three little birds
come monday
have you ever seen the rain
bad fish
red red wine
change the world
what i got
baby i love your way (ub40 version but frampton works too)
two tickets to paradise
under the bridge
Snoop Dogg is pretty chill. Specially after some weed.
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Some Hendrix.... Wind Cries Mary anyone?
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Sigur Ros
et cetera
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Tool are quite good for this.
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Nick Drake
Boards of Canada
Brian Eno
Beck - all of the album "Sea Change"
Air - all of Moon Safari
Elliott Smith
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Tool are quite good for this.

Some people just take their Tool obsession way too far.

As for chill music:
Jack Johnson
Bob Marley
My Morning Jacket
Elliott Smith
Phish (live, where they take their songs to a completely new level being a jam band and all)
Pink Floyd
The stoner people I know always put on some drum 'n' bass. Seems to work for them.
No one has said slightly stoopid? Check out "open road" that song will always put me in a state of euphoria, no matter what mood i'm in, do it, you wont regret listening to me.
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Godspeed You! Black Emperor
acoustic Opeth
Sigur Ros
Porcupine Tree
acoustic Alice in Chains
Mew (Comforting Sounds in particular)

That should keep you going


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