Hey Pit,

I have a slight problem with in my band, between the bassist and the lead guitarist they have fallen out and are not speaking and band practise was a really edgey one last night. I'm not really sure what happened but i think its somthing to do with the lead guitarist having said somthing. I don't want to throw either out of the band becasue they are both great musicians. I have told both of them individualy that me and Jack (the drummer) are not taking sides. Any suggestions??

Thanks Liam
work it out. Sorry but that's really the only answer. Band members fight, you gotta just work it out and move on.
Out here you've gotta know where your towel is!
Well you'll need to find out what the problem is first. Just talk with them individually.
Bring it up dude. You can't have a big elephant in the room. If they both refuse to talk about it they are both immature, and can't be part of a team (band).
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Kick out the lead guitarist, if nothing can be worked out. Good guitarists are easy to find. Good bassists are not.