im goin to see Seether and Flyleaf on tuesday and im sooo excited!!!!! has anyone seen them on this tour yet??? were they good??
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i saw seether about a couple of months ago when they were with breaking benjamin and three days grace and they were good. i don't know about flyleaf though.
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Seether is always good live, many would rather listen to them live than and actual studio recording, but Flyleaf is ok live!

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i saw flyleaf when they where on tour with disturbed and stone sour and to be honest i actually liked them more after seeing them in concert. i thought they were really great.

I agree - I went to Seether/Flyleaf about a month ago. Flyleaf live was really good.
Their bass player is all over the stage, he and Lacy had a collision a couple times. They seemed "harder" than I thought they would be.
Seemed like they played longer than Seether.

Seether's stage set up was pretty cool. One of my favs.
i saw seether not to long ago...but i really would love to see flyleaf in concert...i love their music.....
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