Hi I'm thinking of buying metal guitar with a budget around 500 bucks. The Jackson DK2M Dinky Pro caught my eyes. I checked out the specs and it has everything I want(trem, 24 frets, good pups). But I'm kinda worried about the tremelo. Is it the same as an OFR? Does it stay in tune?

If not I might go for the one with the hardtail bridge...

Also I'm open for other metal guitars within my price range, if you know any, please tell me.

Thanks in advance
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It's a very nice guitar. Trem isn't as good as an OFR, but it's not as bad as some of the other licensed FRs.

Might be worth looking into an Ibanez S470/520/320, just as an alternative. It feels very different to the Jackson though.
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i essentially have the same guitar, and i love mine, the trem stays in tune really well and works like a charm
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