I've bought a surface mount whammy bar. Kinda looks like a half bigsby.
The retailer told me it would go onto a tele well but how do I do this?

it has 2 screws holes on the top and 3 at the bottom but where do i fit this in relation to the bridge?

Anyone done something like this and can tell me how its worked out.
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It's only good for slight pitch wobbles, not dives. I still wouldn't get it.
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've already bought it. I dont want to do dives or anything. If I wanted something for more than subtle things I would have gone more down that route. So how would I put that on a tele then?
Not directly in answer to your issue, but you can get mounted Bigsbys for telecasters which you don't need to take your bridge off or do any permanent modification to your guitar to install.
Yeah I know that. I got this coz it was cheaper and I didnt think it'd be too much work. I'm only looking for suble stuff. I'm putting it on a tele for gods sake.

So I have to take the bridge off the tele? what next?
Can someone please help me with this! I want to try and do it on my own without taking it somewhere. Imagined I'd just need a few extra holes at the most.

Please help. More info the better!