hey, sounds really interesting (stumbled across this as tabs of them popped up on UG right now).
Don't have too much interest in the occasional clean vocal crooning, but I'm a sucker for those kind of polymetric breakstyle rhythms. Unfortunately they don't seem to have an album out already, do they ?

Similar bands ? Well I would go out on a limb here, but personally you can trace this particular species of metalcore back to the huge influence of Fear Factory, mainly in the tight locking chug-riffs that integrate half time lockstep drumming, and occasional melodic chorusses. Meshuggah later brought in an additional heap of oddtime quirkiness to the riffs. If you want some more contemporary examples that use such a particular kind of sound, the bands that immediately came to my mind were: "Threat Signal" and the band "Textures". I highly recommend both of them if you dig that style. Other more tangential sound connections can be "Born of Osiris", "Mnemic" or "Misery Signals". As caveat, there may of course be legions of more obscure bands that stick closer to the aforemented formula, these were just the delineations I use to encompass the whole ballpark of that particular style of metal/core.

Good find, will definetly watching their stuff further!
Yeah I've been into these guys for quite a while, something different about them compared to the average British metalcore posers. Not the most original band, but good fun nonetheless.
sorry to bump this up, just noticed this on google

we've actually just put up a preview of 1 of our new tracks, and another full track

hope you like it!

Yeah man these guys are sick, they added me on myspace just and I fell in love with them instantly! Melodic, good riffs, good vocals.
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