ok this may be a bit nieve of me but whats better a fixed neck or bolt on or doe`sn`t it matter
It's preference. Some guys say set necks have a better sustain, some say a bolt on sounds warmer - whatever your ears and hands tell you is true for you is what you should go by. Honestly, I never found there to be any profound difference either way. Neck thru's resonate better, though. That's my preference.
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bolt-on can be easily changed, neck trhu is simply impossible,
bolt-on is cheaper, (in most case)
Set necks reduce treble in most cases, being one factor in Gibson's trademark super-warm sound. Bolt-ons are cheaper to do, and if done right, are better than set necks. But IMO, Neck-thru guitars are the best.
would i be right in thinking a through neck is better quality , my reasoning being if you can`t change it the guitars worthless ie if it bows