Hey ive got a flextone 2 combo amp and IMO its the best solid state amp u can get....yeah id love to have a nice tube amp but im a broke jobless 15 year old....what are your opinions of it....anyone gig with it?...im planning on giging with mine once my side project band gets together after i get a new speaker for it....so yeah thoughts?....Id rather play with my flextone 2 then some of the lower end tube amps ive heard...some tube amps just sound like ass.....but the ones that can sing deff blow any solid state away...
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I guess the Vetta and probably Zentera and such are better, but from what I've heard, it's a pretty good amp. I've read some mixed opinions though, some people say it's the best amp in it's price range (at least for versatility), but others don't like it at all.
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