First of all, im really sorry for my english skills... i know they are horrible but still ill try asking You about my problem.

Secondly, Id like to welcome all users of UG Forum since im brand new here (been reading topics for some time but i registered just now). Well then, Hi there good people! Ppl call me limon, im 18, and im a guitar noob ;p

Then, having all excuses and welcomings behind, ill go to the topic of the thread. I have been playing for 3 months now. Im playing 3 hours a day with full concentration, and almost always an hour of freestyle jamming with all iv learned till now (this way im always going forward while still having the fun of "creating" music, and playing what i want to play). What i had learned till now is:
+all open and some barre chords (still cant get good flow with barre)
+basic scales
+iv started learning power chords lika a week ago

Well, i though that i was doing quite good (all that was on acoustic guitar), but then i bought an electric set (Epi LP Std + Vox VT series) and started playing with it. Along with switching from acoustic, i switched from playing-on-my-knee-while-sitting to having-guitar-at-the-height-of-my-bollocks-while-standing pose. Thats when it hit me that i cant play scales or even some more advanced chord changes either as freely as i used to on acoustic, or not at all...

Did i screw up at the very beginning or is it only natural that its hard to get used to playing while standing with strap on youl shoulders? If i did screw up (some hand position or whatever), please, explain me how to get on a good way? Enev though that 3 months of playing was fun enough, i would start over again with plesure if better technique would come with that.

Best reguards and thank You good people for all the responds. Rock on!
It's always hard switching from Acoustic to Electric or vice versa you're not alone
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Well, I did the opposite. I went from an electric to an acoustic. It is difficult to play standing when you are used to playing sitting down. The wrist and arm in a whole are at different positions. It just takes some practice to get used to it. That's all I can really say.
When you stand up with a strap, you are having to reach much lower to get to the neck, especially if you have it down around your nuts. Tighten the strap up or learn to play standing up withe the guitar at your knees. Doesn't look as cool but sounds much better!

good luck
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I can only play when I'm standing.. If I sit down I can't pick very fast even MoP is hard then :P..

When you are standing your hand is in a differend possition, so you'll have to learn it again.
that should go away, I had the same problem, but reversed
I play standing up all the time and when I started taking lessons, I had to sit down. I simply screwed up anything that could be screwed up but that went away.
Its just a new position ur getting used to, nowadays I usually play lying in my bed watching tv

oh one tip:
when u do play sitting down, put your guitar on you LEFT leg (I noticed most people play with their guitar on their right leg ), thats about the position the guitar will be when you stand up. I did this and I could play sitting down, maybe it works in reverse :p
It was pretty good to me to switch acoustic to electric...strings are nearer to neck so you dont have to press them toward it so much and neck is also thinner so its great change...I enjoyed it so well...In your case I think it doesnt matter on guitar which you are playing but on position you are playing in...I think when you would be playing acoustic while standing you would have probably same problem with chords and progressions...So start playing with you guitar on your stomach and when wrist will be able to play your practice perfectly loose it about 10 cm down and do your practice all over again...it needs some time but it will come...just be patient and practise...
I just want to say, you type way better than the majority of the people here on UG.

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Sit down with your electric and tighten the strap so that when you stand up, the guitar sits at the same height to your body as it was when you were sitting. Play like this to get you used to standing up. Once you've got the hang of it, loosen the strap a little bit.

And welcome to UG!
Thank You very much for all the responses good people!

Im very pleased and happy to join this great community with so much helpfull players.

Also, im happy that You are saying that it just takes time... i was really afraid that the answers would be like: "wtf?! you have some wierd hand of yours. it should only be natural to play while standing!". Thank god its not like that ;p

Thank You very much. Ill go practise.