hey guys. im looking for that classic rock tone. i've been looking at marshall but the one's in my price range im not too sure about. (dsl 50). if any buddy has any advice or own a dsl 50 it would really help.

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If you want to play Classic rock, buy a Peavey Classic 30/50 or a Crate Palomino.


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I would look at a Peavey Classic 30. Great amp, and can do classic rock really well. Especially with your Highway 1 Strat, it should be great. Crate's Palomino series amps also do classic tones well, and the V32 has footswitchable reverb and 2 channels.
If you want classic marshall sound you should go used. Look for JCM800s and Plexis. For new classic rock amps check the above posts :P
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