I recorded this today, it's a cover of 'While my guitar gently weeps' by the beatles, and like all the other songs on my band's myspace...they're kind of bleh. It's currently the only 'real' song with vocals. It's just me and my acoustic guitar (I'm a lead guitarist, not a singer..), and I'd appreciate any recording tips you can offer me.

Heres the link:

it's the first song up there.

I know gear wise I'm definatly lacking. I'm recording vocals through a 6-7 something year old karaoke mic plugged into a toneport UX2, and acoustic guitar was recorded by plugging it into the toneport directly. (it's an electric-acoustic).
Acoustic sounds quite nice, could do with some compression though
But no offence man, you can't sing.

Either way
Get a condenser mic, it's the end of the all your problems...
Yeahh I know...I wish I was a singer but I'm just not. Everyone says that anyone can be a singer but I guess I'm pretty much exempt there.

I believe Gearbox has a compressor. What settings do you reccomend?