Heya, i have a Fender Strat Fatboy with 2 single coil and 1 humbucker....I was just wondering how high or low should the pick-ups be. Also can raising or lowering the pick-ups make the guitar sounds out of tune. Also can this help me get better pitch harmonics. Ty
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Pressing the outside E-strings at the last fret, measure the gap from the bottom of the strings to the top of the polepieces. On all three pickups, Fender sets the bass side pole-pieces at 1/8" and the treble side polepieces at 3/32".

So, first set the action in relation to the fretboard, then adjust the height of the pickups to the strings.
If you get them too close the magnetic field can pull the strings down and out of tune.I usually go incremental meaning small changes. Just listen there will be a sweet spot.
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