tell me how you guys interpret these lyrics i wrote - im just curious

"Coming Home"

First Verse
The dust swirls
Calmly serenades around you
While the sun shines
Radiates you, bakes you
Starts to sear
You're a soldier
Fighting bravely for your country
But you wonder
Is that really why i'm here

Short Guitar Interlude, then drums come in

They tell you patience
Is a necessary virtue
But this waiting
Is eating away and killing you
You gaze around
Taking in visions of pain and ache
The dark sounds
Pierce your ears till it's more than you can take but

Chorus 1
This ain't how it's got to be
Why can't we fight for their liberty
Why can't we fight for no more
Shattered lives and shattered bones
Well it's up to them now
Cause today i'm coming home

Verse 2
I'm home now
Returning to familiar faces
But somehow
Feels like its changed since I have been around
I hear screams
Coming from so many places
But i turn and find
That no one ever made a sound but

Chorus 2
Something's killing me inside
Something that I cannot find
Something that i can't erase from my cluttered mind
Well it doesn't matter now
Because i'm finally home
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