Anyone ever played one of these? i'm a fan of Gibson Juniors, but Gibson has ceased production for the standard models (the ones that are cheaper than the average used car), so this seems like a good alternative. my former guitar teacher bought an SE Singlecut right before i stopped talking lessons from him and he said the build quality was amazing for a Korean model, so it's really tempting to buy one.
They're not crap; however, a "real" PRS is miles above.
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My friend has one and i personally do not like it. The cleans are alright but with overdrive or distortion it sounds a bit muddy and feels like its missing something. If you are going to spend money on a new guitar i would recommend looking elsewhere, but try one out and see.
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I have a PRS SE Singlecut from before the lawsuit, plays likea dream and is a superb guitar. Some of the components aren't fantastic but they are all replacable. Great guitars, especially for the price.
I have a PRS singlecut, and like it very much.

Albeit it is my first guitar, but I liked the sound better than an epi standard, and seems solid enough. I just got it a few weeks ago, so I don't know about reliability issues.

Seemed good for $550, in comparison to the other options.