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All I'm asking for is constructive criticism; If you can't give it to me, don't say anything at all.
the song creates kind of creepy ambience.. i like it.
VERY good bass work..
you made everything very well.. but the drums.. (;
i dont know.. dont use the ride that often.
keep working on it
thats good stuff. <3

crit mine?
that last riff on the second one is meeeen. u should put some double kick in that.
Lol, have to agree on the Cemetery Gates-ish, but the part after that was really nice. The acoustic guitar was really beautiful yet ominous. The lead guitar was also nice. I also really liked the riff at 30.

From what you already have, this is a nice song. It really have that foreboding atmosphere in it. My only complaint is the same as talentfree, you abused the ride cymbals too much . Try alternating it with hi-hats, especially alternating open and closed. Other than that, the song is good, just a matter of how you'll take it from there. I personally am interested to hear the finished version .

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