Title says it all.

Just a curious question. What is the best guitar out for metal?
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It depends what kind of metal you want to play. For heavy riffing, a mahogany body with set mahogany neck and a fixed bridge is good. For whammy stunts, a bolt-on maple neck is fine.
ESP and Jackson guitars. Jackson DK1 has to be one of the hottest guitars out there.
There is NO best guitar for metal, it's all tastes/prefferences etc.

Some preffer Mahogany, a fat neck and hot pickups, others preffer Ash and a slim profile neck...

I Personally preffer a versatile instrument as I play many styles, so I went with Parker...

Here's a list of a few guitar companies to look into for a "metal" guitar. (in no particular order)

High end Bc Riches

Infact, you can get a decent metal tone out of most guitars, just depends on your amp quite a bit...
So look for something that feels and plays well, but above all has the sound you're after, then you'll know your personal "best metal guitar".

Define best.

Define metal.

It's different for everyone. I'd really like a USA built Dinky soloist.
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There is NO best guitar for metal, it's all tastes/prefferences etc.

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like others have said, it depends on personal preference... and pickups. with the rite ones they can dvive your amp into deeper distortion and higgh 'screamy' sounds.
id go with a PRS guitar jus coz they feel 'smooth' and handle drop tunings andstuff really well.
an esp sv std or an sv fr. badass 24fret rr shaped guitars.
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esp horizon 1 japan custom shop in red.
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Schecter, Ibanez, ESP I've heard are all quite good. Ibanez has reasonably priced guitars that are very good quality also.