Ok so I ordered a Schecter c 1 plus from GC.com about a week ago and come to find out they quit maufacturing them...just f*uckin great.
So what i need you to do is tell me what would be the next best thing for around 300-600 dollars
idk i would aaume if they shipped it last week but on the site it said it wouldnt be available for 2 weeks but i got a call tht said the South Koreans stopped makin it
I bought my C-1 plus three days ago. If theirs any guitar stores around where you live i'd head over there and see if you can find one.
Schecter stopped making the C-1 Plus?!

Anyways, check out Ibanez, Agile, ESP, or something along those lines.
You will probably still get yours, they don't quit selling them just because they don't manufacture them anymore, they stores must sell the ones they have in stock.
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Wow, I'm glad I got mine when i did...
The C-1 classic is pretty similar I think, but its more likee 700$