Okay so my guitar is like vibrating. I stop playing and it like vibrates out of control. I have to like cover the pickup. Any ideas of what's going on??
Your guitar is supposed to vibrate, the sound you hear is the vibration of your strings picked up by the magnets in your pickups and then amplified.
ok i'll explain this scientificly the amplifier is sending out sounwaves that are low freequences. if you put your guitar near it the sound waves will vibrate the guitar i get all the time
Feedback methinks. Does the guitar start making either a humming noise or a high pitched squealing? If so its feedback.
or maybe it could be unwanted rattle due to loose parts
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i played my DSL50 at 4 volume today and EVERYTHING vibrated... my mandolin, my brother's Xbox 360, my speakers, my ceiling.

Sounds like I've got even worse problems!
that's not the problem.. the neck is like shaking and it makes the vibrating
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Hmm, what kind of guitar do you have? If it's a bolt-on neck then it's possible the neck isn't screwed in tightly enough, causing it to rattle.