Alrighty I got this phone a little while ago, and did yours come with a cable to connect it to your pc? because mine didn't. i want to be able to move pics from my phone to my pc without sending it to my online album or whatever that crap is. Any info on how i can get a cable and what I need? Because I went to the verizon store (that's my service provider) and they said they didn't have any cables that would work for me
umm.... u mean a USB cable? do you have one?
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The cable won't work. Don't even try.

You need to get a card reader for your computer and put in the microSD card and transfer **** that way.

Believe me, I have a KRZR and I've tried to get music on it for hours on end. Look it up, you won't be able to sync it.
Mine came with a little card.

I never really looked into it, but I think that works.