Hi. I didn't know whether to post my query on this or the Electric Guitar forum, so I gambled with my life and settled on the accessories department.

All I want to know is what side effects would there be from restringing my Epiphone Dot with thicker strings, if any.

Thanks for your help.
How thick exactly?

I also have an Epi Dot with 11's, and it has been working fine.
thicker strings are the way to go mate. thicker, fuller tone. the only downside is it many throw your inontation out of whack. most guitars are standardly inontated for thinner strings like 9's. so you may have to play around with ur bridge, its not to hard though, just make sure the open string and the 12th harmonic are in the same tuning
You will need to adjust the intonation, and most likely the truss rod as well. But as far as sound and playability, nothing too negative should happen.
With thicker strings, the Dot really lends its self to tuning down a couple of steps.
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