I recently got a guitar, with a Floyd Rose style Trem... I know you use the things on the trem to tune the guitar, but I've found it's going out of tune a lot, if this just because the strings are new?

Also, Is there like a set distance out / in they should shouldn't be. I've had to turn mind out a little to get it in tune. Thanks!
Thanks a lot for that, man!

Two questions from that article though;

1) Does he say Ernie Ball Super Slinkys are good or bad?

2) Also, He says at the end;
By the time the fine-tuning screws are all the way in, don't bother retuning from the pegs, it'll more than likely be time to change the strings.

Does that mean, like mine. At first they'll be out a fair bit. Then as the stings get older and you re-tune it, they'll go in?
Didn't read the whole thing so cant answer your second question. But he said Ernie Ball Super Slinky's are bad. On a side note, I ws recommended Ernie Ball Custom Slinkys by a friend, and I'm sure his dean has a floyd rose.
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