ive been debating on the next guitar to buy. i have been suggested by a few people to get an ibanez or jackson (which i dont mind), and ESP (which i dont like at all) and a Gibson or Epiphone (which i really like).

the first guitar i was thinking about buying is (epiphone)...


another guitar i was looking at was (gibson)...


and the last guitar i was looking at (jackson)...


are there any other guitars i should look at... what are some problems with the 3 guitars and what guitar would u chose

i have a crappy fender 15 watt amp but hopefully soon a Marshall half stack
As long as that marshall halfstack isnt an MG i suggest that you sit down and play each of those guitars and pick one that feels the best
Out of those the Gibson is alot nicer.
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It really depends on the music you play. Also all of those guitars are pretty different from one another. I will say that I don't think that particular G400 is a good deal though.


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i have a crappy fender 15 watt amp but hopefully soon a Marshall half stack

No MG Halfstack!!!
What do you play? For general rock music, I'd say the Gibson. But if you play metal, then go the Jackson.
Jackson is the best choice out of all of them. An Epiphone guitar is a poor-man's Gibson, so stay away from that if you have money to spend. Gibson is a great company, but SG's are weak for metal. I think an Ibanez RG, a Jackon DK, or a Gibson Les Paul would be your best choice.

That's exactly what I've been trying to say.

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