Hey there, I'm having a problem with recording with 2 mics(shure sm 58) for my guitar, I've also got a yahama mixer MW12, and when i plug in the headphones i can haer my guitar, but when i try to record it doesn't record anything.. and when the headphones arent plugged in and i try to play music on my comp or my guitar you can't hear any sound.. I've checked all my audio thing and nothing is muted.. nothing at all.. anyway i'm a beginner, looking for help with this stuff. Thanks

The MW12 is a yamaha USB 1.1 connected mixer. It will only mix down your inputs and send a single stereo track to the PC, not great for recording but it works...

You should plug the mixer into your back USB port, install the drivers from the yamaha site, go into your computers control panel and set the input and output to the mixer, and then do the same for your recording program.

plug your monitors or headphones into the mixer headphone port instead of your PC, this will give little/no latency monitoring.
^Alright, well I when i plug my headphones in i hear the music and my guitar, and when i record i can hear it but i have to turn up the gain to hear it or boost it up to 24db, i want to be able to hear the music and record the guitar at the same time, but i can't do that.

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i don't even have a soundcard, only the stock one on the computer, and im plugging the headphones in the mixer.