Ok, I am doing a talent show with my band, and we are playing Unholy Confessions by Avenged Sevenfold, and i am going to do the fast part of the Afterlife solo at the end just for a last second kinda thing. I've been switching the switches back and forth trying to find the right distortion for Unholy Confessions (not worried about the Afterlife distortion). Anyone have any ideas on how i can get this tone accomplished? There is:

High:-15 - +15
Low :-15 - +15
Med:-15 - +15
Med Freq: 200 - 5k

And my amp has the basic High, Med, and Low. I almost got it but I'm having a bit of trouble, especially since I got the pedal like 2 days ago...
^What Marshall amp? It really matters.

Also, you called a Fender Starcaster a pedal. I think the Starcaster would be the guitar, no? You know, the device with the metal strings spanning most of its length?

How long have you been playing?