so, me and a bunch of friends are going to warped tour and i have a question.

whats the deal with seating?

like do we have to buy tickets at the same time to get seated together or what?
there is no seating

its general admission
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i don't think there is seating arranged.
it's kinda just get-your-own seats i believe.

if there IS seating at the venue.
if not (like the pittsburgh post-gazette pavillion) then you'll prolly have to stand.
there's no seating at warped tour
you walk around, it's like a festival
there's more than one band playing at once, but on different stages
you wont get the list of which band is playing on which stage at what time until the morning of
there's other booths and stuff there...
as well as band merch, so you might wanna carry some cash
and just in case the "no seating" bummed you out, it's better because most of the time you'll see the bands walking around while other bands are playing, so it's a cool chance to meet people