i've got a artic white mim strat.
i wanna change the pickguard.
do i just unscrew the screws and put the pickguard on? nothing with the pickups i have to do?
if I'm right, it'll mean disconnecting 2 wires and unscrewing all screws on the pickguard. IMO piss easy but I've done things liek that a lot.
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Very simple. But your pickups will be attached to it. Simply attach them in the same places to the new pickguard.
^not really.
as long as u own a soldering iron
without one, then its hard
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I think knowing how to use the soldering iron is actually more imporant then having one...

Although I guess with no soldering iron you can't solder at all so maybe i got that backwards hah
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if all you are doing is changing the pickguard you shouldnt even need to solder. just unscrew the pickguard, then take everything off of it carefully. this means the pickups and the pots. then just put them on the new pickguard in the same place. then screw the new pickguard on. voila, that should be it.
^ exactly

the only things that aren't attached to the pickguard are the output jack and the ground wire to the bridge, but neither of these things need to be removed in order to change the guard. remove all your strings, and then like they said already, just take everything off the pickguard and put them in the same spot on the new guard and wham you're done.