Yes i named it after the bob dylan song because im terrible at names.

Well to really understand the song you would have to know the relationship between my dad, my mom, and my half sister. Im usually not that proud of my "work" but i think this song/poem describes my relationship perfectly.

Ohh yeah and i wrote with the song "ballad in plain D" by bob dylan in mind so if youve heard that song before read it like that.

Just some info for those wondering so you can kind of appretiate it the poem/song whatever.

I live with my mom 3 hrs away from my dad
my half sister lives in the same town with my dad and her mom
And she can be a huge bitch and she knows what stuff im sensitive about and she uses it alot.

But in short im really jealous of my sister for many different reasons.

I once had a twin
We were all to same but different within
We wanted the same but it was at different ends
I tried to love her but i came to a cross
Her ideals and thoughts to me seemed at a loss
We were born to 2 differnet people neither one felt loved
In the end it fell and wavered like a dove
I tried my best to be a good brother
But in the end we just drifted away from eachother
You were closer to the one thing we shared
and that thought i just couldnt stand to bare
Whenever you could you would remind me of it
And why he witnessed it and didnt flinch i still dont get
I tried my best to throw a wedge inbetween
buti realised it was set in stone
and me and my companion would forever be alone
Our interest grew apart, always separated by time
you becamse disillusioned
and thats the only conclusion i could find
How can you be jealous of something only you have?
and your pettiness seems clear to everyone you meet
I feel sorry for the blindess that you seek
And most of the time i had to turn the other cheek
because age has always been a disadvantage to me
It always seems that you got all the breaks
in time thats something i grew to appretiate
Ive been told that you love me but i choose to neglect
Because how can you love someone you dont even respect?
Reality will hit you and it will be quite strong
and judging by my luck it wont be for a very long