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I have to play at my friend's party tomorrow and there's something wrong with my guitar. My (little) E string is making a buzzing noise. It's not really a buzz, but more of a "note clash" as if the string is out of tune and clashing with another, but it's not. The string makes the clash noise even when played alone.

I've tried the intonation (it's perfect to a T), I've raised the action up to make sure it's not touching a fret, and I even loosened it and checked for debris on the string/in the nut/in the tune-o-matic. Nothing worked.

It's a really old string, and I think it being old and stretched out is causing the problem.

Hey, just change the string, right? I can't get out to get another tonight, and I won't be able to tomorrow.

Anyone have an solutions to alleviate this problem? It's gonna sound like balls tomorrow if I play anything on the e, and I would like to spare myself from looking like shit.
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It's probably the old string, change m

If that doesn't work then your nut could be wearing down
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Just go out an buy a new one, one string is $1. Pick one up before the party or something.
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changing the string is a good idea.

also, make sure there are no loose parts that are ringing out with the playing of that string.

strum and touch the bridge.
strum and touch the headstock. see if you can find the noise.

it might be sympathetic notes, so again, be sure to change the string and stretch it after it's on, so it'll be ready for the show.

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