Today my Epiphone Valve junior just arrived. I love it! It's definitely a great amp for me. However, at random times it will just fade out. The amp is on, but theres no sound. I looked in the back and the tubes were not glowing. Is this a common problem? This is my first tube amp, so I'm just wondering if there is an easy way to fix it...or if anyone knows what the problem is....

I've tried two different guitars with it, two different cables, with wah pedal, without wah pedal...I'm not sure what else to do. If anyone has any idea, please let me know ASAP!! I WANT TO USE THIS AMP!!

Oh, and I can turn it off for a minute and turn it back on and it works, but it then fades out again after about 45 seconds. Please help!
didn't you just make a thread like this?

Just get a new power tube.
sounds like it needs to be returned.

you need to call the company and get a shipping label.

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are you running it through a receptacle that's powering something else? b/c that will causes power to eventually overload i think and cut off. that happened to my blackheart a couple times so i started using it in a receptacle by itself and VOILA. problem is GONE.

that sounds like it could very well be it. otherwise return it for a new one.
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The first thing I did with my valve Jr. was pop out the tubes and put in some NOS Mullards. To keep the cost down on these amps they ship them with the ****tiest tubes around. It would not be surprising to have a bad or dead tube in there now. Go pick up some new tubes you only need a 12AXY (or a 12AY7 like I prefer) and an EL84. It takes less than 5 minutes to swap them out and then you will know if your VJ needs to go back.