I want to get a really bass sound (the best i can) but in standard tuning and in clean, any ideas?
Put the bass up a little, boost the centre mids, cut the treble a little, anchor your thumb on the neck pup.
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hey! it really works, ty!
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Again, Haanz has it right. Though I disagree with the treble cut, he's right on. To expound on what he said, play about three inches from the bridge, this is where the "sweet spot" is that gets you the strongest, loudest tone. Just mess around and find your sweet spot on your bass. Heavy strings wouldn't hurt either.
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Heavy strings and boosted mids should do the trick. Playing through a pissed-off SVT wouldn't hurt either
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If you want a "fatter" sound, but not necessarily growly or "heavy" sounding (don't know what you mean by "harder" although I appreciate the Daft Punk reference), you might want to get halfwounds or flatwounds.