I do tapping things, i do I,IV,V, I power chord, even some times i try to do rythms with a lot of upward strokes (like basic pop or basic rock), but i always fail, any tips?
since this is the songwriting section, I'm guessing you're talking about coming up with song ideas? Or do you want to improvise solos over chords?
If it's the songwriting thing, Ive got a few ideas. I like to learn new chords or more properly "chord voicings" and try to use them in a song. Like instead of just power chords, use minor chords. Do partial chords where you just play the high strings. Slide chords around, like taking an open G and sliding it up but leave the D & G ringing open. (I can't take the credit, Randy Rhodes did that on SATO). There's so many ways to play the same chords because there are only 12 notes in Western Music! Chord variations give your music attitude and emotion. Power chords have thier place, but don't give much in the way of adding feeling to a song.
I don't know if this helps, but if it does let me know. I've got more ideas, but don't know if I'm on the right track with your question.
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(I can't take the credit, Randy Rhodes did that on SATO).

What is sato? Btw, its rhoads, not rhodes