I want to build a guitar. I however have never used a power tool in my life and never took shop class.


I assume a solidbody electric is the easiest to make. I just plan on buying a lump of ash and starting with the body. Is the body easier to make than the neck? Is the body one piece of wood or is it three?

Any info/feedback is much appreciated.

P.S. I'm still on dialup so I can't really youtube and so on.
The body is usually easier to make than the neck. The body can be as many pieces of wood as you want - three is a nice round number, but would require pretty solid gluing to be feasible.
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What you might want to do before you start from scrath, is buy a pre made set where you just put all the pieces together. And everything is pre cut, but you just have to sand and paint, put electronics in etc

Check out Calvin Guitars for that
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first off, welcome to the building community!

yes, solidbody electric is easiest

the body is easier to make and can be anywhere from one to one hundred pieces, that really doesnt matter, but generally, the less pieces, the better.

necks arent terribly hard to make either, they just require some practice.

and my final bit of info..dont get rippeed off! many times the internet can overprice everything. shop around a little for the best price.

Good luck
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get a book - i bought "building electric guitars" by martin koch and its been great, its outlined every step of building an electric, including solid body, semi hollow, and hollow body guitars. another good one is "make your own electric guitar" by melvyn hiscock. check it out, you wont regret it!
one of the best things i can say is look at some of the builds on here. there are a lot of talented builders, and there are a lot of people who arent so good. you can learn just as much (if not more) from the second category. there are also a lot of good links in the stickies. so just do a bit of reading to start. then figure out things like scale length and pickup placement to make a scale drawing. it might be best to start with a pre-made neck that you can bolt on. then work the body from scratch and go from there to start.