i have been playing for 5ish or 6ish years (all self taught) and i am stuck at the point where i cant really teach myself to much anymore......
i know lots of chords, power chords, bar chords, some easy solo tecniques (bends HO and PO, tapping, and a like bit of pinch harmonics, and such...etc.) and can play..lots of different styles.......

i am trying to teach myself scales, theory, improvisation and such but am still stuck..please help.
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work on theory hard. you can get workbooks that will teach you everything you need if you want to pay for them. i'm sure there are also tons of lessons on here and other places throughout the internet that teach theory. if you can learn theory you'll be a much better guitarist.
I was in the same boat as you a year ago
Currently i have been going to a guitar teacher for semi experienced students with not much theory (Roberto Serpas)

Working on Writing, Solo Techniques, Advanced Techniques and alot of classical guitar methods to better understand the instrument.
I would suggest this very much, also once you practice reading notes(it is alot easier than you may think!)

Hope this helps.
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I was stuck in the same rut you are..... I cured this about 3-4 weeks ago.

The way I went about it was learning some scales (still working on more, till I learn ALOT) and reading everything I can about theory. I got the book "the idiots guide to music theory" which I'll start later in the week (damn college exam week!).

I've also been taking songs I like and figuing out what key they are in, then I figure out the solos, and improvise over the solos on my own and try to complement whats already there.

Even the small amount of theory I've learned in the past few weeks has made me a better guitar player. I have started hearing things and thinking about the intervals between notes... Thinking things like "man that would sound great with the 4th or 5th over it" just that sort of stuff.

Good luck and dont forget... LEARN AS MUCH THEORY AS YOU CAN STAND
Along with learning theory you could try progressing in guitar technique.
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