I remember having loads of friends over once, and we all circled around the computer and watched videos. This was one of them, all my other friends were laughing at it or just saying "that's really creepy" but I was absolutely terrified.
That was a couple of years ago now, and I'm still scared. I'm not sure if I want to watch it again...
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t3gan? Coming to the UK?

*smooths mair and straightens shirt*

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t3gan and Bec > Tegan and Sara.
whoever made that video is completely insane. Obviously not real. But oh so Creepy
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It's an Aphex Twin music video, non?

yeah thats what it is
TheBurningFish wrote:
I don't mean to generalise but I don't believe the average Coldplay fan is a massive musical theory nut.

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It's an Aphex Twin music video, non?

My bad, it's a Chris Cunningham short-film using music composed by Aphex Twin.

And no, it's not a real person.