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you called, and I am here, but what do I find, NO BEER!!....

Yeah, I like house. He's an asshole and it's frigging hilarious.
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Tis a no brainer. Cox > everyone and everything.
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haha this is awesome, dr. cox for sure. nobody like house he is a prick.

dr. cox is a prick but in a funny way
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House is pretty cool.
Scrubs is borderline mentally retarded.

EDIT: oh, and I think this counts as a versus thread.
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This is stupid.

one is a comedy, other is a medical drama.

Sure they're different kind of shows, but if you look at the characters there are a lot of similarities. Both are doctors, assholes, and full of themselves. Both characters have some ongoing flaw (Cox drinks, House does pills). There are also similarities in the way their colleagues view them...
House. His attitude is great, it is funny its only not if you're intellectually stunted
Dr. Cox, no question. Both of them are extreme assholes, but at least Dr. Cox has a non-douchebag side.

Also he is the king of burns and cynical rants.

COX! Dr. Cox is my favorite Scrubs character.
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there both good shows i like house better though. i like how hes serious but a total dick at the same time, and when hes a dick hes hilarous!
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I personally prefer Dr.Dre but Lil Jon is gangsta home boy fresh aswell. wtf?
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House has the halfway-decent sarcastic remark once in a while, but almost everything Dr. Cox says is ridiculously awesome.

dr. cox, hands down. his cynical rants are hilarious.
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House is amazing. He's one of the greatest TV doctors ever. His humor is amazing. But he's #2.

Dr. Cox beats him by a mile. His power cannot be match by anything the universe holds.
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i like House better, his sarcastic humor appeals to me.
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I can't choose. They're both pretty similar yet they're still great.
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Even though he's an ugly woman, my favorite is john mayer.
I love both, but Dr. Cox has him beat.
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Cox, hands down.

Who else wears hockey jerseys under suits?
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There's actually a scrubs episode where cox comes walking in on this cane and it's made out to be house... funny stuff.

what's also is funny that few people realise hugh laurie is english.
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every pit thread was already a sausage fest, but now you've got them all saying "COX!" in every post? whyyyyy?

Cox easily wins.

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Dr. Cox hands down, no question whatsoever.
He's a complete hardass, but he's still a human, which the viewers are reminded of throughout the show.
He's got tons of problems, and he knows it.
And he's just all around wittier.
Dr. Cox is the winner; everything he says is epic win, and he can pull amazing rants out of his ass (which I am beginning to do without even thinking about it. I like it. )

Dr. House has his moments, but definitely Cox. At least his views on life are mostly correct.
It's tough, but I'll have to go with the Cox, for all the reasons mentioned previously.

Percival Cox.
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Cox. Hands down.
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